The Cooper Union is grateful to the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation for its partnership and generous support of the Voices from the Great Hall Digital Access Project. This two-and-a-half-year effort included the digitization, cataloging, and preservation of over 6,100 audio and video recordings, 1,300 images, and 1,300 documents, as well as the creation of this digital platform. Recordings from the collection will be featured in future Great Hall public programs to explore how themes from the past can inform current dialogue. The Gardiner Foundation’s commitment to the historical significance of this collection has made this broad public access possible.

Steven Hillyer, Project Director
Elizabeth D. Muller, Project Manager
Chialin Chou, Project Archivist

The Cooper Union Library
Lisa Norberg, Director
Dale Perreault, Senior Library Technician, Project Liaison

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Alley Interactive

Design Consultant
Mark Rossi, Digital Art Director

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CollectiveAccess | Whirl-i-Gig

Media Digitization
George Blood, L.P.

Video and Audio Editing
Jake King
Mark Travis

Image Editing and Digitization
Maeve FitzHoward

Student Interns
Brandon Bunt
Derek Elwood
Charles Jacobsen
Sarah Saad
Elizabeth Sardes
Rollin Walther

Legal Advisor
Karen R. Berry, Attorney, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP

Siri Comeau McDonald, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations

Mindy Lang, Creative Director
Andrew Arnold, Managing Editor
Kim Newman, Media Relations Manager

Information Technology
Robert Reinckens, Chief Technology Officer
Wayne Adams, Director of Academic Support Technologies
Jeff Hakner, Assistant Director of Telecommunications
Keith Ng, Systems Engineer

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Paul Tummolo, Manager
Michael Carrasquillo, Senior AV Technician
Myranda Mallenbaum, Senior AV Technician

Special Thanks
Laura Sparks, Caitlin Biggers, Natalie Brooks, Chris Dierks, Sam Draxler, Hayley Eber, Mauricio Higuera, Nicole Kidston, Andy Lanset (New York Public Radio Archives), Elizabeth O’Donnell, Howard Stokar (Howard Stokar Management), Nader Tehrani, Antoinette Torres, Winston Wilkerson