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The Oglala Lakota Chief, Red Cloud (1822-1909) visited the Great Hall on two occasions, both after meeting with President Grant in Washington.  The first, at noon on June 16, 1870 was hastily arranged by the New York Indian Peace Commission, yet the hall was filled to capacity.  Accompanied by twenty chiefs, braves, interpreters and other dignitaries, he declined center position on the stage and sat near the platform edge.  Peter Cooper introduced him.  Red Cloud pleaded for peace, goodwill, mutual understanding, and for the U.S. government to act in good faith regarding any treaties on reservations.  "When you first came here, we were very many and you were few.  Now you are many and we are few."  On the second visit, June 7, 1872, Peter Cooper again introduced his invited guests.  Red Cloud remarked, "I am very glad to come and visit my friends, and very glad to see them all.  God has given to me the daytime to work in, and I propose to work while it is day... All my forefathers have lived in this country.  Here I spent my boyhood; here I saw my friends, and here I hope to live and die."

Image: Red Cloud, ca. 1880-1909. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.
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